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Nor-Cote Quality Process

Nor-Cote has in place a process where every weldment, burnout or casting is numbered when it comes into our plant. The part is numbered before it goes into the furnace and after the part is blasted and/or painted. The numbers assigned to the part are the last three numbers on our shipper. This allows us to track the part throughout processing. Our supervisors perform quality inspections after the processing is complete and before the parts are loaded for return shipment.

An outside source certifies our furnace instruments monthly and our scale yearly.

Nor-Cote Equipment List
Furnace Dimensions
Max Temperature
1400 degrees F
1600 degrees F
6'0" x 6'0" x 12'0"
1650 degrees F
10'5" x 6'6" x 18'0'
1600 degrees F
5'0" x 5'0' x 12'0"
1650 degrees F
8'0" x 11'0" x 22'6"
1650 degrees F
11'0" x 11'0" 25'0"
1850 degrees F

Blasting Types
Two Manual Blast Rooms 15' x 14' x 22'
One Manual Blast Room 15' x 14' x 42'

One Pangborn Automatic Roto Blast Table

6' Diameter x 4' high
Three Wheelabrator Automatic Blast Tables 12' Diameter x 5' high

Two Paint Rooms 15' x 14' x 10'

Material Handling Capability
One - 35 Ton Bridge Crane
Two - 30 Ton Bridge Cranes
Two - 15 Ton Bridge Cranes
Four - 10 Ton Bridge Cranes
Six - 16,500 Lift Trucks

Five - Tractor and semi Trailers 75,000# Capacity
Eight - Platform Trucks 28,000 Capacity
One - Platform Truck 34,000# Capacity

100 Ton Straightening Press
500 Ton Birdsboro Hydraulic Straightening Press
750 Ton Williams & White Straightening Press
Hot Straightening Done by Torch or Furnace Run


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